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WebMoney Prepaid Card

WebMoney Prepaid Card

  • ¥2,450

How to redeem the card

1. After you've purchased the card we will send you the code via email.
2. Go to:
3. Enter email address, click on 次へ
4. You will receive an email, click on the confirmation link in the email
5. Fill out the form:

* ウォレットID: Choose an ID

* パスワード: Choose password

* パスワードの確認: Confirm password

* セキュアパスワード: Enter a 4-number security code using the number pad below

* Check the box at the bottom of the page and click the button below

6. Enter your ID, password and security code, click ログイン
7. Click プリペイド番号, click on 同意して次に進む
8. Enter your card's code and click 次へ and confirm.

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